No matter if you win or lose, you can be either a winner or a loser.

Are we rearing winners to just people who win.

Whatever happened to the phrase, “it is not weather you win or loose, it is how you play the game.” or, if you played the game, or that you played the game, or played the game.

Culturally, we lost a battle on that one. We gave into the media who makes billions, trillions of dollars on the making of winners or losers, of the easy definition. It is too easy of a defination. Let me break it down for you, simpleton. There are winners and there are losers. That’s it.

Here is something to consider. All spectators are then, by definition, losers. They like or love the game, but they don’t ever play. They watch others play it. They aren’t even in the game.

Sport is not a profession. Sport is sport. But I’m so far in the minority here, that I’m laughable to most.

The best dramas, the best fights, the best games are zero sum games. Zero sum outcomes are the easiest to understand, to define, to agree on.

But for the rest of us, no one really lives the zero sum outcome. You lose the super bowl, but you were in the super bowl, you got paid to be there.

When you are down, you simply get up. You try again, or you try something else. the 1,000 things that didn’t work, give.

The only real zero sum outcome is death.

Watch out for those who think the zero sum is the only outcome. Usually the biggest losers. Lance Armstrong – sociopath. Bernie Madoff – criminal. Donald Trump – whatever.  Tiger Woods – lost.

Scumbag, douchebag.

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