Life is a gamble better watch your own assets rather than throw them away.

Gambling is worth thinking about. State sanctioned, legal gambling at places like Vegas or state sponsored lottos. What is a reasonable return on investment when gambling. What does one expect. If you believe the lights and sounds you can turn $1 to a million at the turn of one wheel.

Getting the job you want, the education you desire, the position you dream of, a loving and lovable spouse, healthy kids, a decent, long life without ingredient or tragedy: all come with risks, odds, chance, and gambling. If you think you are not vulnerable to chance or that you’d like to expect a tragic free live, gamble, risk, chance.

Why do people get addicted to gambling . . . maybe it has something to do with wanting to have control over the odds, the future, the game itself. If you get good at the game itself, maybe the odd of life itself can be in your favor a bit more. Depends upon what you are gambling for, what expectation you hold out for.

Maybe the game is easier, less tragic, the rules not as messy or random.

I had the bright idea once to go to Vegas and bank roll my never-lose-blackjack-method. I’d double my bet each time I’d lose and then double it again until I won my money. I figure it out at $2 and went on thinking that at maximum I’d be prepared to lose up to ten hands in a row at black jack. And at the end of the day, I figured, I could sit at the tables and grind out a $200 a day living, putting in 8 hours a day. And I could make a living at Vegas in my own conservative, never lose method. When I started doubling down at the $2 table I quickly got looks from the pit bosses and then I realized that my $2 table had a $20 limit so at most I could lose 4 hand before moving to the $5 table. So, I hadn’t thought through the method 100%, but the attention made me nervous. Changing table every time I got to my limit was not something I was prepared to do, going to the $5 dollar table, then the $10 and then back to the $2. I was not that disciplined. Then the look the pit boss gave me made me think I was doing something, if not illegal, then frowned upon and I didn’t want to be take to some  back room and have my knuckles broken over never losing my $2 bet. That experiment taught me something. At the time I could have lived off of $200 a day. It would be a modest living, but it’d be more than I was making now. But, it occurred to me that the house has rules that help it win. And if I was to win, it’d cost me 8 hours of my time, being  bored to death day in and day out. Gambling wasn’t going to be a way to make a living for me.

I’ve been told, if you toss a penny in the air a 1 million times and 1 million times, it comes up with heads, what are the chances it’ll come up heads on the 1,000,001 toss? I’ve been told 50%/50%.

Think about the investment at Vegas. Turn $1 into a Million. Say, you turned $1 into $10 in 1 hour. Would you quit. You already earned 1,000% on your money. Is that enough. If you put your money in any other standard investment that earned 12% a year, it’d take 21 years to turn your $1 into $8 and 28 years to turn $1 to $16. After an hour gambling and get $10 . . . Or a $1 into $1 million. Do the math.


Life is risk. Take the gamble.


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