John Wooden was a genius

So simple, understanding what he says takes a fair amount of wisdom.

Distilled to the point of brilliance.

He didn’t talk about winning. He talked about success.

Look at his pyramid of success. Most coaches don’t seem to understand the cornerstones, let alone the pinnacle: success, not winning.

We play to find success in ourselves through one of many goals. One of those goals is winning. Winning is a by product not a goal. Something like that. That isn’t clear.

The short circuit is taking winning as the goal, the only goal.

Because we can fog the middle ground between here and there, we short circuit, short cut.

Winning to win is s short cut.

Being a success means you have resilience. In loosing you learn, and in learning, you win.

The thousand names of winning.

Winning is an applied,  internal system, built upon steps, practice, preparation.



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