Confussed – Not a typo. Religion today Confussed. Confussed itself. Confussed its followers. Confussed its leaders. Confussed its goals. Confussed its books’ interpretation.

  • Like pedophiles in the Catholic Church and how the organization just covers it up
  • Or interpretation of the Koran for killing men, woman and even children and your granted a pass to heaven
  • . . . . or go on and on and on and on
  • No religion immune. No person immune.

Its to a point now that religion of old doesn’t work.

There’s enough evidence that all religions can offer something.

Do one thing in your religion right, and then lets talk.

Don’t kill. Don’t advocate killing. Don’t associate with killing. Don’t condone killing. Don’t be a part of killing in any way. If you have a religion in this day and age that can do that, I’ll join it.



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