I have developed my head space like a bicep muscle without paying due attention to its counter partner, the body space or triceps muscles. Quads over Gluts. Chest over Back.

Our culture says mind over body. “The reason the head rules is that it is over the body.”Our culture says, sit at a desk and work that brain muscle. Lift, lift, lift.

And if you missed out on the importance of paying attention to the body, for whatever reason, perhaps your parents thought it best to emphasize the mind over the body at the expense of health and well being. Or, they didn’t know how to identify feelings themselves. Or, they were adversely taught that feelings are bad, do not feel good and should be repressed. And the culture is way behind that idea. Schools, too. And who can argue that the Renascence and the discovery of the Scientific Method were a bad thing. The mind is not the enemy here at all. It is the mind ot of balance with the body, the emotions, feelings.

Who wants to go back the good old dark ages of culture and spirit? So much. Brought us out of the dark ages . . . and when properly tuned, keeps us out of the our own dark ages.

Applying my mind to every problem is like applying a hammer to every problem even for screws and stables and massive steel pilings. The tool doesn’t work for the job at hand.

Where the mind doesn’t help as the bicep:

  • In knowing itself. Mind works on judgement mostly. So, without practice, if you want to look into your own mind to see how it is ticking, it is mostly going to come back with judgement.
  • In relating to your kids and wife
  • In ‘knowing’ how my body feels
  • In relating compassionately to ‘others’ without relating to the more intricate
  • Most importantly, in living a full and complete life inline with your own thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.

When the mind has become one of those grotesque body builders with muscles on its muscles, it has habitually ignored feelings and the body, you are miserable. Well, I am miserable.

The mind has the justification, if it is being run by the lower stem, the stress system. You got here as part and parcel of your species because your family line was most likely wary, scared and worried enough about survival, to, well, survive. When the survival mind is mainly running the show, what happens is that you get survival solutions to problems that aren’t survival related.

Someone cuts me off at the pass (road), aggression against my space, my time, my path. I need to defend it or I need not to die. My survival brain takes over. I react. The threat to my safety, temporarily, without even thinking, I am in grave danger, survival brain takes over. I call the person an idiot, as ass, a . . . i get pissed, I rev my engine

This is Perfect Practice of a real threat and a real response or reaction for the flight, fight, freeze, or flock reaction from the survival brain.  Perfectly natural to be scared, threatened, angry, pissed. . What is your reaction???

Your body knows no difference between justifiable anger and or not. . I am , and you react. your expectation is to get wherever you are gong fast. are allowed to run the mind’s perceptions and judgement, then when you feel bad, everything is bad and the cycle starts over and over again making you feel worse and worse and . . . it is a crappy place to end up and the mind get

The body is responsible for initial reactions to fears and injustices and those feel bad and unless you balance those out with the mind that is judicious and allowing then you are down a cycle again.

Why wouldn’t we be depressed, anxious and overwhelmed everyday. After all we face death and is my death going to be worth its death, the finality of it? I feel like I’m letting life down.

Life demands a certain clarity, a certain self-responsibility. A cleanliness of mind, body and spirit. An organization of internal beliefs. Life itself demands it and there are many, numerous ways to find a way, but

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