You can not have what you do not understand. Having is a dynamic, not static state.

Deciding to have a family is choosing a lifetime of stewardship, husbandry, guardianship. You are now the guardian and torch bearer of all that is past and worthy, and all that is ahead and possible.

There is nothing static about understanding. Growth and understanding. Change and understanding.

A family, its members are changing, growing, evolving, devolving. As an individual, a spouse and a parent, all members are in their own arc of maturing, growing, and evolving.

To co-exist, to take the lead, to take the cues, to follow the lead, to allow in all that is and filter what is important and know the battle and the war and to stay constant to the ever evolving society trends, to show and be and example without preaching oh what a journey that is, what tolerance, and bravery there is when having a family.

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