Freedom is the right to choose your own limitations. It might be an odd way to look at it. You could choose the word goals over limitations.

Those who were introduced to freedom and confuse it with such sayings as, ‘it is a free country, isn’t it’ or thinking that freedom means nothing or everything and there is no in between, like me for instance, come to the realization that freedom is the right to choose your own path, your own goals, your own limitations. Of course you are free to make no decisions, to let others make them for you, to take on someone else’s philosophy, thought patterns, decisions, or approvals, appraisals and so on.

Limitations seems so confining, so un-free, it is hard to reconcile that without limitations, there is no freedom. And all limitations are self-choosen, in a completely free society.

We soon find that freedom doesn’t mean being free from everything or nothing.. Of course you can kill yourself, you can do nothing, your can sit and veg forever, if you like . . .  in a free society, you can do anything, ever kill others, if you can. But that doesn’t give your freedom.

Freedom in society means being free from having limitations imposed on you from outside . . . unreasonable limitations, even  so, you are free from obeying the unreasonable or reasonable limitations.

So, what is freedom?

If you want to exercise your freedoms, you choose what limitations to accept. If you are to be free to exercise your freedoms, a goal is needed and the space, opportunity, and freedom to pursue it are needed. Having the environment to produce and to create without unreasonable limitations imposed upon you are healthy and ripe environments.

You even have the right to ruin your own life, to pursue unreasonable goals and dreams, impossible goals, impossible outcomes, you have the right to self-destruct.

You have the right to lock yourself into a prison of your own making and never come out.

You have the right to right to undertaking the solving of a goal that is unsolvable, whose outcomes would be impossible, unless you are wise enough to see the goal for what it is. To wrap yourself into a conundrum so obtuse that you, yourself can not get out of it.

You do start over and over again until you get it right or at least something like right. Start with small goals, small choices, small freedom marches. small freedom challenges. the reward is taking the risk.


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