This is what I’ve gathered about the tactics of working efficiently. This will give you the opportunity to create and design your own life’s work and to give the greatest of your good to the world.

  • Big list of what you want to accomplish in the long term
  • Small lists of what to accomplish each day by strategy, tactics, priority.
  • Focus on your work list for 90 minute intervals. No interruptions. After 90 minutes, take a break. At most, work four 90 intervals a day.
  • To expand, systematize, measure, and know what is success

Some other things

  • You can not cheat nature, especially in your personal life, when it becomes tragic. There is always a pay back. Politics, egos, drugs and other vices can slow this down but never avoids it
  • Measure success by how much time spent with family first and then friends. Kids to the age of 22 spell love as T-I-M-E. That is right, the frontal lobes of the brain are not matured until 22. Drugs will stunt this development.
  • Measure success by how clearly you can think. However, be not afraid to grieve or do the right thing.
  • You can not cheat an honest man
  • You own only what you know. someone gives you a lot of money, you are bound to lose it. Work to know. Own what you know.
  • Most things turn out to be easy, once you know how.
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