When talking about habitats or ecosystems, there are keystone species where if you take a wolf, beaver or bear out of Yellowstone, say, the entire ecosystem gets out of whack. Re-introduce the keystone species, and the ecosystem begins to heal and restore itself.

Quick. (rewrite) – When wolves were taken out of Yellowstone ecosystem, and man tried to mange things, here is what happened . . . without wolves, the elk population exploded, the elk over ate the trees and grasses, the beaver stopped damning streams, the water got polluted, it cascaded into a terrible state.

I liken, the whole man-manged Yellowstone experiment to the mind trying to manage and control the whole of my own body ecosystem. To rid myself of my animal self, the scary feelings, the whole intimate connection between being a confused animal on a spiritual journal.

I believe there are keystone habits, ones that if practiced help engender a healthy, personal ecosystem. Practice and pay attention to these keystone habits and your own ecosystem improves overall.

Here is my first stab at a set of habits or behaviors that will help restore, create, and heal my own ecosystem.

  1. Tell the truth or do not lie to yourself. The truth to yourself and to others.
    1. Most likely you will need to deepen the relationships you have or find new ones where you can be honest with shit that make you embarrassed, shamed, fearful, cowering, over prideful
  2. Be mindful of the Acceptance – Courage Spectrum. What I can and cannot change. Grow the wisdom about what you cannot change and what you have the courage to change. Especially when it comes to perfectionism.
  3. Be grateful daily, hourly. And tell people and yourself. FEEL the gratefulness, don’t just think it.
  4. Watch yourself
  5. Sleep
  6. Regulate your emotions – learn how to regulate your own emotions 4-7-8 breath. HRV.
  7. Know your feelings, thoughts, and behavior. But more so have compassion for them.
  8. Eat plants and no refined foods.
  9. Know your own animal mind, accept it and move, create and elevate the stress into something positive.
  10. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others and the other way around.
  11. Be proactive with your thoughts and feelings. If on the defensive and the cowering and the not wanting to do face things or have the tools or the power or the connections to face them, the anxiety is 10 times worse. If on the proactive handling of the emotions. If accepting the stress as needed or necessary or wanted, and not avoiding it, the anxiety is or can be turned to excitement
  12. The body goes into parasympathetic system mode or sympathetic mode depending upon how stress is perceived.
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