Angst. Anxiety. I woke up feeling angst. An empty feeling of worthlessness. Boy, do I dislike that feeling.

A life with too many negative feelings.

Generating self-compassion, self-appreciation.

The meaning

If it is a signpost, it might be pointing to this little boy who bit off more than he could handle. A spirit of throwing myself into a mess and thinking I can then sort it out. Ready Fire Aim. I can feel him still. My brother saying, don’t go out there. And me going out there anyway. What am I supposed to do, still not go out there? Yes. probably. Take heed, don’t do it. But I did it.

HeartMath suggests to feel the feeling and then slowly let the heart soak in the feeling and bring heart love to it to release it. I tried the method and woke up feeling worse than I have in a long time. The feeling of letting the little boy

It was instructive to walk through this for me. I found I could withstand talking about it. I could chip away at the

If I get to a place where I can narrate, explain, talk about the feelings and emotions to a degree that makes sense to me and to others, I think that will feel better to me. I can withstand any feeling.

I do feel lonely about this

Air these things out. A fear I have about it is this. is that

When I have a meaningful encounter with myself, another, the world, I feel better.

The relationship between me and the world.

Being able to talk to self, to give me the authority to be okay with talking and trusting myself.

I said I did not trust myself. That is not true. I want to be very aware of the black and white thinking that I do.

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